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Get Your 911 Career Started NOW!


Order this new manual right now because:

At 9-1-1 you'll never hear anything like...

"Sorry, but with business slow we have to let you go."

You'll also never receive a memo reading:

"Dear employee, effective January 1 all operations will be housed at the new headquarters in Mexico City."


  • 1,500 good Americans just like you lose their jobs every single day! That is the daily average based on annual unemployment claims.

  • While those 1,500 people were getting the bad news today, brand new jobs were being created for good Americans in Public Safety Communications

Soaring crime rates, rampant drug abuse, chronic unemployment, an aging population, increased sensitivity to reporting domestic disputes, recent homeland security issues and anti-drunk driving campaigns have all contributed to a drastic and consistent rise in the demand for quality people to answer the phones at your nearby 9-1-1 Center.

A position at a 9-1-1 center near your home provides you a good income, a steady recession-proof job, frequent raises, advancement and absolutely the best benefits available anywhere because they are government benefits. 

In a time when many businesses are downsizing or outsourcing or cutting benefits, Public Safety Communications is a growing field with new positions created somewhere in the USA everyday! 

  • The insider e-Book GET YOUR OWN 911 CAREER STARTED NOW will give you the winning edge over the hundreds of other applicants who all want the same interesting and rewarding job that you want!


What Readers Say: 

"The e-Book is great. Thank-you for making it available
for such a reasonable price. Thank-you also, for being available to read such long-winded emails and actually respond." 
(Julie S.  Seattle WA)

"I've been accepted to a small city and I can't wait to start. Thanks again for all the information you have given me and all the support as well."  (Claire M.  Berlingame CA)

"Great news...I GOT THE JOB!! I am very happy about all this.  Thanks so much for all your help. Your e-Book and e-mails have helped me get the confidence and knowledge I needed to obtain this job. I am sure your e-Book will continue to be an asset to me through different stages of my career and I'll probably refer to it a lot. (Amy L. York PA)

(Actual eMails on file and available upon request)


If you are drug free, have a high school education and no criminal record, this detailed in-depth e-Book report will tell you in easy step-by-step fashion how to start your own very rewarding 9-1-1 career right now. At most centers, anyone of average intelligence over age 18 with a high school diploma, no criminal history, normal hearing, speech, manual dexterity and vision can do this job. Often you don't have to be a sworn police officer, deputy, paramedic or even an emergency medical technician (E.M.T.)!  So why settle for a low paying service job, when instead you can be a vital part of the excitement in Public Safety Communications and earn a nice living with good benefits doing it?

No college, police, fire service, emergency medical, specialized computer or radio experience is usually required. If you can talk on the phone and type on a keyboard you can do this job!  All the specialized training for these jobs will be provided FREE of charge by your potential employer! Further, this is an excellent career for people with physical challenges which would otherwise exclude them from the excitement and rewards of public safety work!  The problem in getting the job lies in how to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants wanting the same job you do and this e-Book directly addresses that problem!

GET YOUR OWN 9-1-1 CAREER STARTED NOW  Learn insider facts on the following!

  • A 9-1-1 System overview explaining in simple language exactly what you need to know about how 9-1-1 works.
  • How to get tremendous pre-hire advantages over other applicants.
  • A complete listing of nationwide trade journals and web sites featuring 9-1-1 job openings. 
  • Job descriptions of various 9-1-1 positions and their requirements.
  • The hidden "Back Door" into a full-time 9-1-1 position.  (Works almost EVERY time and it doesn't involve anything illegal or unethical!)
  • Pay and benefits overview.
  • On-the-job training and other types of specialized training your employer will provide are explained.
  • How to establish your own local "insider" sources for job opening information.
  • Application process procedures in the local government employment system.
  • How to score big at your interview.
  • Pre-employment tests and tips about what they are looking for in the testing, including the crucial oral & written psychological evaluations. (A general overview of the type of questions to expect and the type of evaluations to expect are explained.  No specific questions are given or answered.) 
  • How to keep your job.
  • This "always up-to-date" online manual is available only here through this website as an e-Book you read online right on your own computer! There is no software or files to download!  Nothing to install.  You don't need any special software.  It works with ANY online computer anywhere, so if you can read this page-you can read this e-Book online!  Constantly under revision, it always contains the latest information never before available in such a down to earth and easy to understand fashion. Every essential element you must know to GET YOUR OWN 9-1-1 CAREER STARTED NOW is included! 

What This Is NOT!

  • This is not a traditional book printed on paper, but rather an e-Manual you read on your computer. This is not a manual on how to actually perform the tasks, because you will get plenty of on the job training to do that!  Since every call center uses different protocols for call handling, buying and reading any manual on how to actually do the job is a complete waste of your time and your money.  There are several great manuals on the market about how to be a dispatcher, but they are not what you need to actually GET HIRED(This exclusive e-Book is packed with the information you'll need to get a public safety communications job!  Little time is spent on anything that is of no benefit toward the goal of actually getting hired.)  NO WAITING ON MAIL!  EMAIL DELIVERY OF YOUR ACCESS within hours! 

  • This is not a list of review board, interview or examination questions and answers either, because other books do that.  (One thing that might surprise you is that applicants who actually score extremely high on some written public safety pre-employment tests often won't get the job!  There have been lawsuits about this practice, one of which was covered on CBS-TV's "Sixty-Minutes."  They actually aren't looking for certified geniuses!  

So, do you want the job?  The information in this online e-Book can easily be absorbed in a few hours, and, once you apply it, can help you get you the job as a dispatcher, operator or telecommunicator at any emergency communications center in the USA!  You can read it as often as you like and check back whenever you like to look for updated information!  It is written in plain English with no overly complicated jargon you won't understand.  No boring caller/dispatcher transcriptions either.  Only the terms you need to know to get hired are included and they are thoroughly explained.

The author is a North Carolina Certified E.M.D., Nationally Certified APCO Public Safety Training Officer and APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator.  He is a certified North Carolina Sheriff Standards Certified Telecommunicator with over 38 years of continuous communications experience and over 17 years as an Emergency Services Instructor.  So many people asked him how to get into the field that he decided to compile a comprehensive report for anyone anywhere in the USA who wants to begin this rewarding career and that report grew into this exclusive insider e-Book!  Read about the author, David Vasser, by clicking here.

There truly is no other book or manual like this e-Book anywhere!  Often police chiefs, fire chiefs or a professional trainer-for-hire will write a book.  These are books on how to do the job at their 9-1-1 center, but what they don't tell you is how to actually get hiredRemember, different call centers use different protocols, so what works in one center won't work at another one.  This e-Book does what the others don't...it actually tells you exactly how to get hired!

Over 3 years were spent researching, writing and editing this new exclusive online e-Book manual titled, GET YOUR OWN 9-1-1 CAREER STARTED NOW. We can guarantee it will do more to help you start your own Emergency Communications career FASTER, CHEAPER AND EASIER than any other publication ever available anywhere! In fact, we insist that you must be 100% satisfied or we'll send your money back!  No other publication in this field has ever made this guarantee even at five times the cost!  This manual is packed with proven information and unlike a traditional book printed on paper it is updated frequently, so you can always read the very latest version!

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